Posted by Admin on August 22 2013

Fareesh Settles DUI Accident Victim?s Case for Full Policy Limits

A young lady was driving home from work one night in May when she saw headlights approaching. Before she could swerve, the approaching car, who had been driving in her lane, struck her head-on, totaling her car and injuring her in the process. A police investigation revealed the driver of the offending vehicle was drunk and driving without a license. Our client ended up in the emergency room with severe bruising from head to toe, and missed several days of work.

A friend of hers recommended she call us to help her with the collision. She was uninsured and the missed work time, combined with the medical bills she incurred, were threatening to crush her. Initially, we realized that the drunk driver was not the owner of the vehicle. Under ordinary circumstances, with the driver not being the owner, it would hamstring our ability to recover the maximum compensation for our client, but we used our knowledge of the criminal justice system to dig into the driver's past. We uncovered evidence that this was his THIRD DUI charge with the previous two resulting in collisions as well. While this was useful information, it would only result in a beneficial settlement for our client if we were able to prove that the owner of the vehicle knew of the driver's dangerous past when she loaned him her vehicle.

We continued investigating through public and private sources to find a link between the driver and the owner of the vehicle. We found evidence conclusively demonstrating that the owner of the vehicle was aware of the driver's dangerous past, and she loaned him her vehicle anyways ? putting ever other driver on the road at risk. We continued to investigate and uncovered evidence that the owner of the vehicle may have fraudulently transferred ownership of the vehicle from the driver, allowing him to controvert previous judicial requirements that the driver install an ignition lock.

We put together a 61 page demand package showing indisputable evidence that the owner of the vehicle negligently entrusted the car to the dangerous driver. Based upon the results we were able achieve, the insurance company paid their FULL policy limits within 21 days of receiving our package without us having to file a lawsuit.

As a result of the work we put in investigating the facts behind the facts of this case, our client was fully compensated for her injuries, and she received her compensation much faster than she would have if we had to file suit to uncover the evidence.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident involving a drunk driver, contact a skilled Georgia Attorney who can recover maximum compensation against drunk drivers.


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