Posted by Admin on June 19 2013

Link between Tylenol (acetaminophen) use and Liver Damage Lawsuits

We are currently investigating links between Tylenol, or Acetaminophen as it is generically known, and liver failure. The FDA recently required "black box" warnings on all prescription and over-the-counter drugs that contain Tylenol or its generic form, acetaminophen. Common prescriptions that contain the drug include Percocet and Vicodin, as well as Codeine combinations.

Recent studies have shown that use of Tylenol or acetaminophen resulted in elevation of dangerous liver enzymes. In 2011, the FDA required drug manufacturers to limit acetaminophen dosage in prescriptions to 325 mg. The previous norm was often as high as 750 mg.

Injuries associated with Tylenol or acetaminophen use include hospitalization, liver disease, liver failure requiring transplant, and death. If you or a loved one used Tylenol, acetaminophen, or a prescription containing acetaminophen and later discovered a liver injury, contact a skilled Georgia Tylenol Injury Attorney to determine whether the injury may have been caused by Tylenol or acetaminophen use. We offer free consultations, and the compensation you are entitled to may be substantial.


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