Posted by Admin on June 25 2013

Smoking Gun Memo in Granuflo and Naturalyte Dialysis Cases

Fresenius, the manufacturers of Granuflo and Naturalyte, the leading dialysis drug in the United States has been charged with knowingly marketing the drugs even after learning the drugs were linked to significant increases in the risk of cardiopulmonary arrest and sudden death. Fresenius has denied the charges as it defends itself in thousands of lawsuits, but the NY Times recently published the "Smoking Gun" memo proving that Fresenius was aware of the drugs' problems as early as November 2011 and continued to market the drugs.

For more information on the Granulo and Naturalyte litigation, including a more detailed explanation of the issues, click here.

Drug companies often make calculated financial cost/benefit analysis that factor in the potential harm the drug will cause (in financial terms only ? as in lawsuits!) and compares that number to the potential windfall they can get by continuing to market the drugs. If the spread is high enough ? they will simply continue to market the drug and worry about the potential lawsuits later. No price will ever replace the hundreds or thousands of victims who have lost their lives or loved ones as a result of some of the decisions these drug companies make.

If you or a loved one had dialysis and suffered from serious complications following the treatment, contact an experienced skilled Georgia Granuflo and Naturalyte Attorney for a free, confidential case evaluation. Compensation in these cases can be substantial.


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