Posted by Admin on January 24 2013

Spring 2013 Georgia Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit Update

Our Georgia Vaginal Mesh attorney is currently litigating vaginal mesh claims involving a mesh that failed following a pelvic organ prolapse (POP) procedure. The case is being consolidated with the other pending mesh cases before US District Judge Richard Goodwin in West Virginia through the multi-district litigation process (MDL). Judge Goodwin is currently presiding over both POP claims, as well as female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) claims resulting from mesh complications; however, the claims are not equal.

Recently, one of the largest groups of SUI plaintiffs, those with claims against Bard's Kugel mesh patches, settled their claims for an average of only $70,000 per plaintiff. The relatively low settlement figures were driven by factors specific to the type and use of the mesh itself, and are also being underscored by recent bellwether trial results where Kugel scored a defense victory in the first trial, and suffered a (relatively) mild $1.5M hit in its second.

POP claims by contrast are expected to be much more costly to settle due to many factors that are specific to the manufacture and use of the POP products. Demonstrating this point are the first two POP bellwether trials that resulted in plaintiff wins in the amount of $5.5M (against Bard's Avaulta mesh) and $3.35M (against Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Gynecare mesh), with no defense verdicts yet. Additionally, the J&J jury is deliberating over whether to award up to an additional $16.75M in punitive damages.

If you have had any urological surgeries that involved mesh implantation, and you are now suffering complications as a result, it is important to contact a skilled Georgia Vaginal Mesh Attorney who can evaluate whether you have a POP claim or a SUI claim, identify the manufacturer of the claim, and guide your case through the labyrinth that is the MDL process. Claims being filed now are not expected to see resolution for approximately two (2) years, so it is important to have your claim evaluated by a Georgia Vaginal Mesh Attorney as soon as possible.


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