Posted by Admin on January 30 2018

The Future of the Xarelto MDL

During today's status hearing, Judge Fallon, presiding over MDL 2592 in E.D. Lousiana, indicated he is looking for ways to wind down the coordinated litigation which now has over 21,000 cases. He suggested a process by which 1,200 cases would be chosen by a combination of the Court, Defense, and Plaintiffs, and returned to their courts of original jurisdiction for trial or settlement. While there was no plan outlined for the remaining cases, and no timetable set, it's clear the Court's goal is to stem the tide of new Xarelto filings that average around 400 per month into the MDL. The defendants in the Xarelto litigation are notorious "fight to the death" litigants, and when it is a marketed drug which continues to be a cash cow for them, it is unlikely they will negotiate in good faith in a way that will bring about a fair resolution to the thousands of individuals they have injured. Continue to stay tuned, and as we actively fight for our clients injured by Xarelto, we will continue to keep you all updated.


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