Posted by Admin on April 04 2013

Why Tractor-Trailer Accidents Are Not Accidents At All (Part II)

Why is a $160B industry facing a 100,000 employee shortage in one of the worst economies this country has faced? Well, let me read you the job description: You have to "donate" 44 hours a week of unpaid time, you have to spend an average of 4 nights a week away from your family, you have to work a stressful, dangerous job ? mostly at night, and for all of that, you will earn a whoppping $40,000 per year. Interested?

We discussed the pay per mile compensation model which contributes to tractor-trailer accidents, and the overall "driver last" mentality that many trucking companies employ has led to shocking driver shortages across the entire industry. In addition to not being able to find enough drivers, most companies cannot hold on to the drivers they have. In 2008, it was estimated that the churn industry-wide was 136% (which means a company who employs 100 drivers would lose 136 drivers per year.

The implication of these statistics is obvious. Trucking companies are so desperate to get their freight moving, they will put anybody behind the wheel of a 40 ton machine. It's just one more example of trucking companies putting people in harm's way for financial gain. It's not an accident, but conscious choice.

If you or a loved one has been harmed in a tractor-trailer accident, contact a skilled Georgia Trucking Accident Attorneyimmediately to ensure important evidence is preserved and you get the compensation you are entitled to.


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