Personal Injury

Personal Injury attorneys represent individuals who have been injured as the result of someone else's negligence, or careless conduct. The specific type of injury can relate to motor vehicle collisions, tractor-trailer collisions, medical malpractice, mass tort claims, or even wrongful death situations.

Experience You Need

As an experienced personal injury attorney, it is my job to effectively represent your rights and effectively tell your story in a way that maximizes the compensation you are entitled to. A good attorney must understand the medicine behind your injuries so he can help you fairly value all of the losses you are entitled to recover, and he must be a good story advocate so he can convincingly persuade the court system and the tortfeasor (the person or company who harmed you) what you deserve.

We Are Prepared

Most personal injury lawsuits are resolved through some sort of negotiated settlement, but a few proceed all the way to a full trial. The only way to maximize our client's case value is to prepare every one of our cases as if they will be heard by a jury. When the tortfeasor and the judge see how we have prepared our case, and understand that we have the ability to take a case all the way through trial, they are more likely to value the case fairly. Fareesh has been named a Top 100 National Trial Lawyer, and when the opposing insurance company and its lawyers see Fareesh across the table, they know they have to value the case fairly, or risk an uncertain outcome at trial.


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