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Fareesh has been practicing since 2006 and has handled cases in New York and all over Georgia, including outlying counties. He has practiced in front of dozens of judges and across the table from hundreds of opposing lawyers. He is routinely recognized for his ability to find common ground with his opponents, and his willingness to be creative in fashioning solutions that ensure his clients receive the justice they deserve.

Respect of his Peers

The independent legal services website Avvo has rated Fareesh "Superb", and assigned him a numerical score of 9.5. A very small percentage of attorneys ever receive this rating. Additionally, more than 40 attorneys across the country have endorsed Fareesh's workfor his expertise and the results he delivers.

Personal Attention

Sarangi Law, LLC is small enough to ensure you always feel like our only client, but big enough to deliver the best results in the toughest cases. Call us today to see how Fareesh can help you. Because of the time we dedicate to every client we take on, we are unable to take every case. If we are unable to take your case, Fareesh will still spend the time with you to understand your legal options, and will refer you to another attorney who can help you. In addition, the free legal guides we publish can help answer many of your questions.


In litigation, one side is the hammer and one side is the nail. Insurance companies are all too happy to allow cases to linger as long as they can, because they know the other party is going to get tired, frustrated, and worn down. Their hope is the person will finally accept a settlement that does not reflect the value of their injury. At Sarangi Law, Fareesh takes an aggressive approach to every client whose case he takes. That's why he only takes a limited number of cases, but the cases he takes, he elects to be the hammer.

Fareesh knows the tricks of the trade. Fareesh defended doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies, so he has filled out their reports, attended and led case valuation meetings, and knows the ins and outs of how these groups value claims brought against them. He knows what arguments are persuasive, and what arguments fail. He also knows the common mistakes plaintiffs and their attorneys make when litigating personal injury claims, and he will help you avoid the same pitfalls.


Fareesh never loses sight of the fact that someone who has been injured, or who has lost a family member only gets one chance to recover the compensation and justice they deserve. When you hire our firm, we don't forget how important the decision to retain an attorney is, and we will show you how honored and privileged we are to represent you by making you feel like you are our only client, and by ensuring we fight tirelessly to ensure we hold the bad actors accountable to you and your loved ones.


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